Gratitude: your super power

a photograph of an original art piece called Ready for Battle by artist Marjolyn van der Hart. The image is of Wonder Woman and the word Great.
Ready for Battle
Marjolyn van der Hart

When the news crushes you down,
When your work grinds you down,
When your situation ties you down,
When gravity brings you down,

It’s time to look up.

Raise your face to the light.
Check your blessings.
You’re gonna be alright.
Come up with just three things.

Big or small
It doesn’t matter
As long as you’re grateful for them all.

Three things that raise your spirits.
Three things that make you glad to be alive.
Three things that make you believe that the world is kind.
Three things will change your mind.

Do it every day.
When you wake.
Do it twice.
Then, again, before you sleep.
It feels so nice!
Do it every time you feel down.

And gain your new super power: gratitude.

So be it!

❤️ Love and ✨light,
Rev. Julie

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